Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I know, I know - it's about time for another post!

I sincerely apologize for being extremely lazy and ignoring my blog for soooo long!

It's not as tho' I didn't have anything to blog about - I'm thinking the problem was I had too many things I could blog about but just, . . . well, . . . didn't!

Got home from the AWC National Specialty without any drama, been busy with work, have seen several groups of friends at different times over the past month and had a great whippet racing weekend, attended a great seminar by Dr. Jean Dodds, and things continue well at home and with the dogs.

The Racing For Fun group hosted two great Continental Whippet Alliance meets just over a week ago. Becca continued her good running ways and as usual ran better the 2nd day. She ended up placing 7th overall and was the top C dog that day. As a reward I decided it was time for her to start a little swim program at my vet's pool.

Becca has now had two swimming sessions and there are six more to go (I signed her up for a series of eight). The sessions start out with her spending time working out on the treadmill that is lowered into the water so there is increased resistance and she has to work harder than if she was on "land". After she's warmed up on the treadmill she then has her little life jacket put on (okay, who makes these things!! They are too cute! And the size variations are numerous so there's bound to be a size for your dog.) and she gets several turns swimming in the pool.

It was expected that she would really just splash around for the first two or three times in the pool however, as usual, this little girl has proved once again that she's somebody special. She seemed to figure out the swimming thing quite quickly (at least that's what the staff said!) and this week there was some consideration given towards removing the life jacket and she's got her front down fairly even with her butt as she swims.

I'm not really sure that she's enjoying these sessions altho' she sure dragged me into the vet's reception area and was really flying as we headed to the "spaw" area.

More news on the doggy front is that our portable agility equipment has arrived and it's true - the equipment really does fit into their two bags. Poor Becca and Tazio don't quite know what they're in for now!