Friday, December 25, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS (and all that!)

This year I made the decision to spend Christmas and New Year's with my mother rather than at home. It was about time for me to spend a Christmas with Mom as I have not spent a Christmas with my parents since 1982 when we all travelled to my brother and sister-in-law's home in the Vancouver area - my parents flying out from Ontario and me travelling by bus from Jasper. Since then I spent Christmases either with my ex-husband's family or post-divorce with friends close to wherever I was living. With my Mom now living alone as Dad is in a home, I felt it was time for me to spend the holiday season with her.

We've had a nice visit and I have been able to reconnect with some good friends who still live in the area. Last week my friends Helen and Pat and I took in "Unsilent Night" where one walked through a portion of town where several installations were set up and various sonic themes were played through whatever personal music players people brought along with them. Quite an interesting experience and one I would definitely do again.

Yesterday Mom and I had a quiet but very lovely Christmas. I'd cooked a boneless turkey the evening before (the turkey turned out great after much hand wringing but I finally dove in - good thing I'd just rewatched "Julie and Julia" and had Mrs. Child's instructions of "no fear" wringing in my ears!) and the home was gorgeous thanks to my Mom's holiday decorating. And as usual, she set a lovely table for Christmas dinner too!

One of Mom's younger sisters spent a good part of the day with us and I must say some of the conversation was quite entertaining. (Who knew a Christmas with one's 80-something Mom and Aunt would involve a conversation including sex toys!! I'm still trying to pick myself up off the floor!)

Being away from home over the holiday season means I am missing Marc, his girls, our friends and especially my two whippets. It didn't help that yesterday I received a best holiday wishes e-mail from an amazing canine artist whose e-mail included a photo of her with her lovely blue brindle girlie. Her little whippet so reminds me of my Becca. Once I get home I don't think I'll leave the dogs alone for about a week solid!

At least I have another Christmas to look forward to as I travel home on Ukrainian Christmas Eve and perhaps can persuade Marc to stay home from work the next day!