Friday, April 23, 2010


All 11 of them!!!!

I had hoped for six nice fat healthy puppies. Cara, Becca's co-owner thought perhaps 8 puppies would be great. Never did I even remotely dream that there would be 11 (ELEVEN!!) babies baking inside Becca!!

This morning Mom and babes are doing well, Becca has had her first remotely solid meal and the babies are nursing.

I need more sleep. I need to get some work done. But . . . I have a few wee distractions today.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This morning Becca's temperature had dropped significantly and she didn't quite finish her breakfast. Signs are that she's moving towards delivery but probably lots of time to go yet.

The midwives have rearranged some of their plans with Cara arriving here in the next few hours.

Fingers crossed all goes well!! (And that I don't faint!!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 59

So the waiting really begins.

Carpetting is now finished in half the house and the rest will wait until puppies are moved to laundry room or to Becca's breeder's house. Looks fabulous but no pics as my camera had an accident this past Sunday. May have to rely on midwives to bring cameras with them!!

Becca continues to get bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable - poor little girl!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 44* Update

Becca's breeder was over yesterday and we got a few shots of Becca in all of her pregnant glory. Based on the date of the first breeding, yesterday may have been Day 44 and she's looking awfully full considering she has over two weeks to go!

And yes, she does look like she wants to kill someone!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes She Is!!

Yes - Becca sure seems to be pregnant. The subtle signs were there over a week ago, this past week she was "viewed" by several experienced dog ladies who all confirmed her condition. We're now at the stage where she seems to be increasing in size every day.

My friend Allison was here for several days of intense work time and spent most of the visit trying to convince me that she really was worthy of a puppy.

And when Marc got in a little while ago he actually thought he saw something "move".

He's also been singing to her - "I'm just a girl who can't say no, I'm in a terrible fix" (think Oklahoma!) . . .

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is she or isn't she?

The waiting game to see if Becca is pregnant continues.

While I was away this past week Becca's breeders took her in (somehow I just didn't want her alone during the daytime) and Becca had great fun at their home.

Becca had a couple of bouts of what we're hoping was morning sickness on Wednesday and Thursday so I'm very hopeful that she is pregnant.

And I really want to get the house painting and recarpeting done before the litter (if there is a litter) is born in late April. Guess I'd better get after my carpet layer and finish picking colours!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Home again

Becca and I are back home after a lovely trip where Becca met up with her handsome suitor TJ. We were made very welcome by TJ's Mom and I really enjoyed spending time with Carol's other dogs as well.

Now the waiting begins with the hope that signs of a pregnancy will be visible in a couple of weeks. If the breeding was successful we will be welcoming babies in late April.

And I need to get the house in order!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

And so it begins . . .

I'm embarking on a bit of a new journey starting with a drive to Fall City, Washington tomorrow morning.

Becca, my almost 4-year old girlie whippet, came into season 3 months early and as per plans made last year, will be bred to a versatile boy who has accomplishments in showing, lure coursing and agility. And he has an awesome temperament.

Becca and I will make the trek down as it appears the optimum time for making babies is upon us.

When I got my first whippet I never had any intention of being a "breeder". I always felt that was best left to those who had amazing dogs and who really were the experts involved in the breed. Even when I got my second whippet and again when I got Becca I still never planned on being a "breeder". And then Becca developed into a very talented runner, with decent conformation and an amazingly effervescent personality. Just so not like a lot of the whippet girls I had met.

After much discussion last year my whippet mentor agreed that perhaps it was a good idea to figure out a boy for my girl. And after a bit of deliberation on which boy would be the best match for Becca the plans were set in motion.

Becca's co-breeder and I will be the official co-breeders of this litter and so far, if all goes well, I actually will be whelping the babies at my house and Cara may take Mom and babies to her house for the final four to five weeks before they all head off to their new homes.

Stress?? You betcha! And lots of it. But so exciting too!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yes - it's the "New Year"

And not much change yet from the old one. I head home this week to see my man and doggies who I have missed very much over the past 3 weeks. Also a very dear friend will arrive late Thursday evening and on Friday I'll have both of my lovely work colleagues staying at the house. I'm anticipating a weekend of much red wine!

It will definitely be great to get home. While in Ontario I've only been able to get out a couple of times for a walk - braving ugly cold winds both times. Everytime I've seen someone out walking their dog(s) I've thought about my two whippets at home and how happy they will be once I'm back and we can get back on track with our daily walkies. Also hope to reconnect with my doggy friends and head out with others to some new walking locations in the Fraser Valley area. All good!!

The NFL pool ended yesterday for another year - I ended up tied for 8th this year - a much better result than in other years. Still not sure if I'll enter the playoff pool - one wrong choice and you're pretty well out of the competition.

And I'm hoping to get down to Washington State to see the potential hubby for my girl Becca. I know I've seen this boy in the past - probably when he was being shown for his Canadian championship but I need to see him again, in the flesh and in his home environment. And once the decision is finally made the hand-wringing and worrying will really ramp up - will there be anyone interested in a puppy from the litter besides me? will the puppies live up to the potential that is hoped to result from the parental genes?

Too much stress - I'd better just get back to work!

Happy New Year to all - hope the year is full of good health, good fun and good friends!!

(and a pre-New Year's photo of Becca making a new friend . . .)