Saturday, February 20, 2010

And so it begins . . .

I'm embarking on a bit of a new journey starting with a drive to Fall City, Washington tomorrow morning.

Becca, my almost 4-year old girlie whippet, came into season 3 months early and as per plans made last year, will be bred to a versatile boy who has accomplishments in showing, lure coursing and agility. And he has an awesome temperament.

Becca and I will make the trek down as it appears the optimum time for making babies is upon us.

When I got my first whippet I never had any intention of being a "breeder". I always felt that was best left to those who had amazing dogs and who really were the experts involved in the breed. Even when I got my second whippet and again when I got Becca I still never planned on being a "breeder". And then Becca developed into a very talented runner, with decent conformation and an amazingly effervescent personality. Just so not like a lot of the whippet girls I had met.

After much discussion last year my whippet mentor agreed that perhaps it was a good idea to figure out a boy for my girl. And after a bit of deliberation on which boy would be the best match for Becca the plans were set in motion.

Becca's co-breeder and I will be the official co-breeders of this litter and so far, if all goes well, I actually will be whelping the babies at my house and Cara may take Mom and babies to her house for the final four to five weeks before they all head off to their new homes.

Stress?? You betcha! And lots of it. But so exciting too!!


Big Red said...

Your girl is lovely, and her personality is amazing. I am so excited for you Janet!

Vivace Whippets said...

I am so excited for you and the upcoming litter! You picked a lovely dog. I can't wait to see what the adventure brings! Rumba will wait for half sister Becca to tell her about the birds and the bees!