Monday, January 4, 2010

Yes - it's the "New Year"

And not much change yet from the old one. I head home this week to see my man and doggies who I have missed very much over the past 3 weeks. Also a very dear friend will arrive late Thursday evening and on Friday I'll have both of my lovely work colleagues staying at the house. I'm anticipating a weekend of much red wine!

It will definitely be great to get home. While in Ontario I've only been able to get out a couple of times for a walk - braving ugly cold winds both times. Everytime I've seen someone out walking their dog(s) I've thought about my two whippets at home and how happy they will be once I'm back and we can get back on track with our daily walkies. Also hope to reconnect with my doggy friends and head out with others to some new walking locations in the Fraser Valley area. All good!!

The NFL pool ended yesterday for another year - I ended up tied for 8th this year - a much better result than in other years. Still not sure if I'll enter the playoff pool - one wrong choice and you're pretty well out of the competition.

And I'm hoping to get down to Washington State to see the potential hubby for my girl Becca. I know I've seen this boy in the past - probably when he was being shown for his Canadian championship but I need to see him again, in the flesh and in his home environment. And once the decision is finally made the hand-wringing and worrying will really ramp up - will there be anyone interested in a puppy from the litter besides me? will the puppies live up to the potential that is hoped to result from the parental genes?

Too much stress - I'd better just get back to work!

Happy New Year to all - hope the year is full of good health, good fun and good friends!!

(and a pre-New Year's photo of Becca making a new friend . . .)

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