Sunday, November 30, 2008

I don't deserve a BLOG!!!

So here I am, two days after leaving home for a quick visit with my dear friend Allison and her family at their lovely home in Beaumont, AB, on my way to an industry conference held in Saskatoon. For this year's installment of this particular conference I've got a gorgeous corner room at the Delta Bessborough Inn, with a riverview from BOTH windows, and NFL football on the TV. Normally I would be madly slaving away on "work" stuff but here I sit, fiddling with my new toy. A blog that at this time yesterday didn't even exist! While I had briefly toyed with the idea, never in my wildest dreams did I think this step would be taken. I mean I'm just not worthy of having a blog. I don't really think I have anything particularly interesting, touching, humorous or witty to say most of the time - especially not when compared to the lovely ladies whose blogs I follow every day as soon as my laptop has finished booting up!

As a result I will try to step up to this new challenge that Allison presented me with last evening (hmmm, note to self - hide the laptop on those occasions that Allison, red wine and I are in the same room!) and perhaps once or twice a week I'll be able to come up with a topic or observation that I think just might prove interesting to anyone other than me! And with that I really have to get some real work done - it is the last day of the month after all!

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Medusa 21 said...

Wise words from someone so young Grasshopper! Ahhhh, to be given so much credit for doing so little, this truly is my scene.

I saw the funniest thing today; oven mitts that had a picture of a woman from the 1950's or thereabouts taking out some lovely goodies from the oven. All decorated in holly and such for Christmas. The caption was excellent..."Homemade gifts really are the best, who would like my children?" This got me to thinking.....

So I said to myself, self, what say you to starting a little something with Strity Kitty and Shweetie Dahling. Surely to goodness our mahvelous brains could cook up some snazzy sayings. I can spew Christmas along with the best of them! What say you?!

Oh well, looking forward to reading your stories on your blog!