Friday, September 18, 2009

Another weekend, another lure coursing trial

This weekend found my youngest whippet and I travelling over to Vancouver Island for two days of lure coursing in the area between Nanaimo and Ladysmith. Earlier this year Becca and I travelled to the same area for a very successful weekend of lure coursing where Becca completed her Field Championship and became the first of my three whippets to achieve this title. This weekend was another awesome weekend. Becca finished 2nd in the trial on the first day and while she didn't place on Sunday we had a great time.

Becca has really been my dog of many firsts - first girlie dog, first Canadian show champion, first Canadian field champion, first CWA Dual Purpose Champion and also has her Title of Racing Proficiency (and one ARX point!), first whippet that I've taken to obedience and that has both charmed and enthralled the instructor, first whippet to take swimming, and now it's looking likely for Becca to become my first whippet to have babies!

When I first got into whippets many moons ago I never ever considered having anything to do with having a litter - unless one of my boys (as I only ever wanted boys) proved to be simply amazing and someone wanted to use him as a sire. And now I'm suddenly in the midst of health testing to ensure Becca's got the right stuff to become a mommy.

Very scary!!

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