Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Panic Is Starting To Set In!

So this Christmas we've been commandeered into hosting Christmas brunch at our place - and I like the idea - I just am not keen on the stress this social obligation brings with it!

The past few years I've gone with Marc (and sometimes with his daughters) to spend some time with some of his family at their house for Christmas brunch and it's always been fun and even more so because I only have had to help out a little bit and the biggest thing was making sure we got ourselves and the presents over to their house on time. This year however we are hosting the Christmas brunch and we will have 10 at table - including Marc's lovely daughters who will spend the first part of Christmas Day with us.

It took no time at all for us to come up with a menu and my ex-husband was a star in coming up with the recipe for his Mum's egg dish that is just perfect for this sort of occasion. The big plus is I get to make two new desserts - Cranberry Vanilla Coffeecake and Guinness Stout Ginger Cake - for the occasion.

For those that know me they know I love dessert and any opportunity to try a new recipe always makes me happy. And two for one meal! I'm in heaven.

So yesterday I was talking with Marc's sister-in-law about the arrangements for Christmas Day and we're invited to her sister's for the big dinner. And gee, it turns out that a dessert something other than Christmas Pudding is required and they've turned to me to come up with something. The first suggestion from Jill was that I bring a chocolate yule log. Now folks I can't just go out and buy the dessert - I have to make it - and I immediately had visions of the thin cake base cracking as I tried to roll it - or even not lifting away from the pan it was baked in! As a result I'm in a semi-panicky frame of mind this morning as I must come up with something chocolatey for dessert for the biggest meal of the year! And I have to work today! And we really do need to go out and get a tree and get the house decorated! And are we done shopping for presents? And . . .


Jenn And The City said...

So how did dessert turn out?

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish I'd seen this post earlier. I have the most delicious, easy to make chocolate dessert ever.

It's called chocolate lady (no idea why it just is!) and involves a large bar of milk chocolate, half a pint of double cream, 2 egg yolks, sponge fingers and brandy.

It's our favourite dessert - infact I'm making two of them one for New Years Eve and another for New Years Day lunch. and then the diet starts again.

so what did you come up with?

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Finally gave it to the pressures of time and the realization that the cold I'd developed would prevent me from attending the Christmas dinner - we wimped out and bought a chocolate Yule log and sent that along with the rest of the family that was going to the dinner. The 2 cakes made for breakfast were absolutely wonderful tho'!!