Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Boy

A few nights ago I had a quiet night alone with the dogs and had just a lovely evening - watched 2 movies and slept on the sectional in the family room with Becca stretched out along my back. Tazio was curled up next to where my head rested on the pillow combination that I've scientifically determined to be optimum for a lovely night's sleep.

At around midnight or so Tazio needed to go outside to do his thing. Now when Becca is in season - which she currently is - I control all dog access in or out of the house between the family room and the back yard. So as soon as Tazio stirred I could see he wanted to go out I paused whatever I was watching (actually based on the time it was "Sense and Sensibility" - watched "Say Anything" later), dragged my comfortable butt off the sectional and let him out. I then stood and watched what he was up to so I'd be ready to open the sliding door to let him back in. Well, his outing was a treat to watch . . .

Tazio is my 10 yr-old whippet - he's an interesting character and can sometimes be a bit of a liability but I love him for all of his faults. He's not really an "adventure boy" whippet but last night he showed his past experience and comfort level with snow and I think he enjoyed himself.

As soon as Tazio had finished nosing around the covered patio area, that due to our recent snowfall served as the general toilet area for the whippets, he headed off to slide himself along some fenceline cedar shrubs where the snow had melted significantly yesterday and further towards the back of the yard. For quite awhile I couldn't figure out where he was or where he'd gone but then after straining my eyes in the dark I suddenly realized Tazio had gone around the storage shed and was negotiating the deeper snow still investigating his yard. At that point I wondered if he'd return by the way he'd already travelled or if he'd try a more direct route to the back door by breaking a new trail in the deep snow. Well I guess the fun factor won out as Tazio bounded and leaped through the snow looking more like a puppy than the more sedate mature boy that his age would reflect. His entrance into the house consisted of flying through the open door followed by his continuing to bounce into the house stirring Becca from her repose and the two of them flew around the kitchen and family room - flying onto and off all furniture!

Took a little while to get them calmed down and settled back around me!


Patience-please said...

HI! So glad I found you! Or you found me. Have we met in real life?
Looking forward to more stories.

all the best-

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Yes we've met - it's Janet - your ring steward at the CWA fun match at Linda Buccholz's house - you made Becca's bitch panties, etc.

Tismee2 said...

Ours loved the snow and would race around in it - although we didn't get much in Lancashire.

My Norwegian Elkhounds think they are back at home in the snow - they get all excited - just like kids.

Jenn And The City said...

That's a beautiful photo of Taz.