Thursday, February 26, 2009

What the . . .?!

Major dose of "back to reality" yesterday!

We got home from Hawaii early on Monday morning, got through customs and associated airport stuff in decent time, delivered the girls to their home (they were planning to head to school right away) and we arrived home to two very excited whippets bouncing off the walls.

Since then I've been working madly to finish up a job for a client that is due in Regina on Monday morning. And then the weather changed!

On our arrival home Monday it was a bit cloudy and we had some rain since then but temperatures were in the 6 to 10 degrees Celsius - the usual stuff for February in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley and one of the reasons I live here (I'm DONE with real winter!). And then yesterday, sometime around noon, I glanced outside and there it was - SNOW - big honking flakes densely falling to the ground!

I wasn't happy.

You see over the Christmas period when we had a bit of a dump of snow for an extended period of time I was unable to venture forth with my van as the van's all season tires were starting to appear they needed replacement. And because the Lower Mainland isn't exactly the snow capital of North America I've never bothered to get an extra set of rims mounted with snow tires.

And of course I still haven't got 'round to replacing the all season tires (altho' I am about to get quotes!) nor have we sought out an inexpensive set of rims for the van on which snow tires could be mounted.

And now we have more SNOW. And I want juice and a latte. Hmmm - it doesn't appear to really have snowed so much that I can't get out of the driveway.

And where was I last week??

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Jenn And The City said...

You are right! Snow is WRONG!