Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ah, the weekend is upon us . . .

And it appears that there are many yard sales of interest THIS weekend that simply must be attended.

A fellow that Marc used to work with is having a yard sale. This gentleman has been 18 years at this location and is clearing up and heading to his real home (and huge acreage) elsewhere.

Now I always enjoy a yard sale but this one is quite special. You see this indivdual is and has been a stone mason for MANY years (yes, he's even older than I am!). Now, consider this - a geologist going to a yard sale with a lot of gorgeous rock on sale - and keep in mind said geologist is always ready to renovate or do something to the house and yard!

Perhaps it might have been in Marc's own best interest to have not even told me about this particular yard sale - it might be quite frightening to see what I simply can't live without!!!

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Life With Dogs said...

Now you must bring back pics and share what you find! :)