Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Atlanta (Okay I'm really starting to get excited!)

In just under two weeks, two of my whippet buddies and I will be in Atlanta for this year's American Whippet Club annual National Specialty to be held at the Hilton Hotel at the Atlanta airport.

Last year was the first time I was able to attend an AWC National Specialty, held in Eugene, Oregon, at quite a beautiful and dog-friendly location. I took my little girlie Becca with me and really enjoyed the entire week. My friend Jennifer showed Becca in the Open Bitch class (a huge class of 40 girls) and even tho' Becca didn't make the cut it still was very cool to have one of one's dogs actually entered in such a huge show.

This year I will be attending sans dogs so in some ways it likely will be a bit more relaxing in that I won't be worrying about "does the dog need to get out to go potty", "is the dog making too much noise", etc and can just soak in the atmosphere.

I will be taking the laptop tho'. I still have clients that may have some sort of emergency that week and still am coordinating the work of two other consultants for a shared client. And this year I have a blog that really should been attended to!

And this past weekend was the first lure coursing meet of the season, held on Sunday. Becca outdid herself by initially tying for first in her stake and, after a runoff, finishing 2nd. She just needs another placement and more points but appears well on her way to achieving her Canadian Field Championship (fingers crossed!).

Needless to say on Monday (the first half of the day anyway!) Becca was very tired.

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