Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "Nerve Centre" is being painted!

At long last some of the insidious pink that covered all painted surfaces in this house when I bought it is about to be covered with a different paint colour!

I love colour and love watching home reno shows and have my favourite decorating magazines that I buy almost every month. And finally, after many months (years!) of wanting to get this house the way I want it, work is underway that will drastically change the two areas of the house in which I spend almost all of my waking hours - the family room/office and the kitchen.

I have gone through many many colour choices for these spaces and because one is just an extension of the other, finally decided against two different colours and am going with just one. It's a gorgeous terracotta colour and, for those who must know, the chosen colour is "Flower Pot", #CC-96 of the Benjamin Moore line of paint.

This is such an exciting time for me - to actually know that the transformation of this house is underway - and to suit my tastes!! Marc is a dear soul who when asked what colour(s) he prefers, just tells me to go with what I want.

And in a day or so I will make a pilgrimage to IKEA to purchase new office furniture so my work area will finally look more professional and pulled together than the previous too tiny work area that I've put up with for just over a year of working predominantly from home. Hmmm, beech or birch . . .???

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