Monday, March 16, 2009

A trip off the Mainland


So my consulting cohorts Allison and Denise called me on Friday afternoon (over a week ago now!) to tell me to head on over to Denise's place on Bowen Island so we could discuss a work idea that they'd been working on. Oh, and have some wine. Red wine. Amarula in coffee too. Lots of fun and actually when the three of us are together we get incredible amounts of work done.

When they called me on Friday afternoon it was very depressing, only in that I would not be able to give the ladies any of my time. You see my whole weekend was planned out as I was going to our local "Racing For Fun" club's first Continental Whippet Alliance race weekend of the year. And since my girl Becca finally started running like a good little race girlie last year, the whole concept of me attending a race weekend WITH a dog that can compete, well, nothing else can get in the way of that!!

But these two ladies are dynamos that I used to regularly work with (they used to be my consultants in their areas of specialty when I had a regular job) but since I went out on my own, we only see each other sporadically altho' we keep in regular touch. And oh what a fun weekend it would be!!!

Well the doggie event won out - as it should have! And I touched base with the girls on the Sunday to find out where we'd be meeting in Vancouver the following day (as decided earlier). And I ended up travelling to Bowen Island. All very fun and worthwhile especially as Allison and Denise had been worked into quite the frenzied state due to frustrations with a friend not delivering on some things they NEEDED. And they were in need of someone talking them down. And alcohol. Really in need of some alcohol.

I just hope I was able to help them(Hmmm, there is a bit of a demented look here . . .)

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