Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Big Day Approaches . . .

Tomorrow the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Arizona Cardinals for the Super Bowl. And it should be fairly obvious which team I am supporting.

My brother is a Steelers fan from way back. I used to sit and watch football with my dad and brother while growing up and listened and absorbed various aspects of the game but in the early years I never really "got it". Then came the late '70's. My brother was living in BC and I was at university in Sudbury. Huge Steelers Super Bowl victories and I was now aware that my brother had become a huge Steelers maniac - uniform to wear during game broadcasts, posters along the picket fence outside of the house he lived in, posters on the walls, photos of the Steelers Super Bowl parties he and his wife hosted. Got you kinda excited.

After university I moved west and really got to know my brother as a person and friend. The love of the team rubbed off - or perhaps I possessed a latent Steelers fan gene. Not sure. But it's now there and it's working!

In the last Super Bowl won by the Steelers (against a "it just wasn't their time" Seattle Seahawks team) I was unable to be present at my brother's for the game. I did take my Terrible Towel, earrings and measuring tape (yes, measuring tape) to the game and whipped my Towel into a frenzy at every opportunity and kept it out of the Seahawks fans clutches.

Friends who were both non-Steelers and non-Seahawks fans looked at the huge number of Seahawks fans in attendance where we were watching the game and decided to back my team. And after some awful referee calls that went the Steelers way (I take a win anyway it comes to me) made some good use of that measuring tape with that hallowed logo on its side, pulled out the tape to the appropriate length to help illustrate to those Seahawks fans just how close the calls were. (I'm still amazed that tape survived the day!)

This year I will be at my brother's house for the game. My brother, his wife and his best friend all prepare an amazing array of foods for any Super Bowl but you just know that everything will be prepared with an extra intensity for this year's game. On the menu are various recipes including chicken, prawns, oysters, lobster (these people really know how to eat !) and my contribution will be a dessert. Due to work overload I am relying on my fall-back dessert which is lemon squares.

It just dawned on me - the squares are GOLD!


Jenn And The City said...

I'm confused. Exactly which team are you supporting? Didn't I see a cardinal fly through there somewhere?

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Ah - you caught that? :-)