Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yes, Jenn, I know it's been a week but . . .

I was goaded a bit earlier today by a fellow blogger looking for more posts from me. Why, I wonder, when my stuff is relatively mundane and boring compared to her sparkling and witty observations on the world. Oh well - here are some "start of the year" ramblings.

The past week has been somewhat hectic as I returned to working to a level more consistent with my pre-mid-November work levels. For the past month and a half I just picked away at some of the more urgent work items and now am in the throes of assisting in preparing various exploration reports that need to be filed with their respective government jurisdictions so the companies holding the ground can maintain their properties through the next work period. With the downturn in the stock markets, a large number of Canadian junior exploration companies have really pulled in their wings and seem to be content to just sit tight and ride out the current ugly market conditions - not a great time to be spending money when one isn't real confident about raising additional funds with a languishing stock market.

I have a couple of clients who appear to be moving forward with their exploration plans and the filing of assessment work to help the companies hold their more promising properties is always one of those things that just have to get done regardless of tighter money situations.

It's an interesting time of the year as Marc's girls start with their club volleyball play, the new year brings a new round of dog shows, various work conferences are coming up quickly and other things start filling the calendar and the year is just over a week old!

This winter we are taking both girls to Hawaii in mid-February (to the Big Island of course - I only go where there are active volcanoes!) and this time they will have an opportunity for scuba diving. I also need to check out accommodations in the area of Volcano so we can spend a bit more time at that exciting end of the Island!

I am also eagerly looking forward to finding out when the various lure coursing, straight racing and show events will be scheduled so I'll know when I need to have Becca in shape after the winter slow-down. Becca started a coursing and straight racing career late in 2008 and I hope I can keep her in good condition so she has a good year in 2009 and hopefully stays injury-free. Tazio just likes getting out on any dog walk whether around the neighbourhood or at his favourite park.

One big event dog-wise this year is the American Whippet Club National Specialty which is being held this year in Atlanta. I finally attended my first National last year - held in Eugene, Oregon - and it was a fabulous week - great time to see lots of dogs that one had only read about and to meet people involved in the whippet fancy.

So while I should be working like mad instead we have company coming over (imminently) and I'd better get my butt in gear and get ready!!

And here's the requisite whippet pic - whippet toys appearing magically from out of the melting snow!


Jenn And The City said...

Yeesh, didn't mean to put any PRESSURE on you or anything - so are you really going to Atlanta?

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

I'm really hoping to - I've got a room booked.

Patience-please said...

Go ahead and put on the pressure, Jenn! I'm thoroughly enjoying this blog...

Anonymous said...

When you say straight racing I'm presuming you mean from trap to the end line following a rag on the end of a rope?

My parents did this with theirs although only the eldest - and mother of the other three was any good. She was called Kizzy and pretty much cleaned up at the races when she was in her prime.

I used to help Dad train them. Great fun!

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

Patience - I feel so honoured because I regard your blog (and Jenn's) as just fabulous!

PeachMelba said...

OMG I hope your coming to the National! Ah the good times to be had!