Saturday, January 17, 2009

I bought a binding machine

So the last few work weeks have been dominated with working with two other consultants preparing a report on mineral exploration work for a shared client. The report, once complete, would then be filed with the applicable provincial government agency. Providing sufficient work and expenditures have been completed, this enables the client to hold this particular property for another two plus years.

I seem to have taken on the role of chief bullwhip lasher as I am the heavy that has to get the client to hold off on other unrelated work requests so the other consultants can concentrate on the work they need to finish. With this report having a rapidly advancing due date it was imperative that the report be completed with enough time to spare to allow FedEx to get the report delivered in time. As a result I did have to crack the whip several times to hold our client at bay (don't they realize how important these due dates are??).

Last Sunday as I returned home from picking up the geophysical interpretation report and maps from one consultant I was starting to think about how we'd get the report bound once the text, maps and other items were completed. Suddenly I realized we would be at the mercy of the timeframe of the copy/binding section of the local office supply store. They wouldn't care about our deadline. And also would they put the report together just the way I want it done? Okay - so how were we to get this report bound in a timely fashion??

"Aha - buy my own binding machine!! That's the ticket!!"

Now I've worked for several exploration companies since the late '80's when I returned to the mineral exploration industry after a six-year period working in transportation. My first job back saw me doing everything from organizing a filing system to writing reports. The one thing that I found the most relaxing and stress-free (yes, I am weird!) was the binding of exploration reports. Since I was working for a consulting company who would be paid by their clients once the clients' reports were delivered to them, it always seemed to me that as I punched the pages and inserted the pages onto the binding comb's teeth that I was printing money. That particular binding machine was electric and something about the electronic paper punching sound seemed to be synonymous with a printing press sound and added to the image that I was printing money (okay - sometimes you have to find ways to get keen about certain office tasks!).

So this past Tuesday evening saw me embarking on my quest for my own personal binding machine. Now I have always loved buying pens, pencils, paper etc since I was very young so to now be buying a binding machine - truly this took me to another realm of excitement!

Earlier that day I'd checked out the models that our local office supply store carried in their on-line catalogue, found a model that seemed to suit my present and future needs, called the local store and found they had it in stock. And it was less than $500! Oh joy!

Once at the store I wandered around for a bit salivating over the various stationary items before me. I managed to locate the requisite report covers and backs, various sizes of binding combs (and secured 10 of the very desirable 2-inch comb size from the in-house copying/binding centre!) before venturing around to actually find where they kept the machines.

The staff at this particular store are always extremely helpful and a lovely young fellow carried the machine I was going to buy to both the checkout and out to my van (and of course with two dog crates and all front and middle row seats in place there was no room to put the box other than on a middle row seat - this would now require me to actually not do any high g force turns or hard braking manoeuvres on the drive back home - not an easy thing for me).

After another hard day of work the report was finally complete and I had a fun time acquainting myself with the new machine (it's very nice) and managed to get the reports pulled together.

Now I have to figure out where I'm going to store it when it is not required.

Hmmm . . . it does look lovely on the kitchen counter!


Anonymous said...

Heck that's a big 'un!

We have one - for the same reason as you, we needed to get a report bound asap and so went out an purchased one. Ours is much smaller than that though.

Jenn And The City said...

No g-force curves? Lucky I wasn't driving! You crack me up.